Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spray Paint Junkie

I am in the process of trying to unpack everything and that process has been on pause for a few days. I always have gone to people's newly moved in houses and judged them thinking "you've been moved in for a month how are there still boxes everywhere?" I will now have to find another reason to judge people because my guess is at this rate it'll be December (2015) when I'm done unpacking, and not for any other reason than A) I'm lazy and B) it sucks. Anywhoozles one of my super quick projects that was also a cheapy was this desk. I got it at Twin City Missions along with a Dresser. I can't remember which cost what but I think this was $12. All I know is I tried to haggle with the lady and she said "You know I normally would, but, this is a new product so we don't really go lower on those." New and product are not really terms I'd use for an old junky desk recently donated by a crackhead. But whatevs, still a good deal. This took just about 1.5 cans of spraypaint (I used the other on an old chair I had so I could actually SIT at the desk). Each can of spraypaint (Aqua-satin) was $3.67. The whole thing took about 15 minutes but 7 of those were cleaning out spider webs :).

I'm totally spray-painting all over my garage floor because when I'm done moving everything in (obviously by the beautiful backdrop to the desk you can see I have a ways to go...PS Bruegg if you're out there is that your white cart?) I will be painting the garage floor in that weird garage floor paint that creeps me out.

I know that I'll probably be put on a watch list for the title "spray paint junkie" but I in fact don't get high on the stuff (that I know of). I just LOVE how cheap it is. Plus, yesterday I spray painted an old wood bench that would've never held normal paint-at least not without much sanding and effort-which I'm not into. I'll probably post about that later.

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  1. Your posts are becoming the highlight of my day ... so DON'T skip any more days!!! ;-)