Thursday, July 12, 2012

Teacher Discounts

Ok, this is going to be a short post. I definitely drop in that I'm a teacher any time it's convenient (specifically when I get pulled over for's worked a time or two). Teachers spend a TON of their own money on their classroom, so, teaching related stores often give teacher discounts. What I really appreciate though, are the stores who give discounts that you can use on YOU, not just student stuff. It's like those stores recognize that hey, every teacher goes through a few near death moments per year (near death for the student of course not the teacher) and so the CEO says "You know what will make it better when a kid's wiping their snot off on em'? 15% off." They are right. Seriously teaching is the best job ever and it's definitely nice to have discounts - on top of our HUUUUUUUUUUUGE annual salary ;)

My favorite clothes store is New York & Co. They always give teacher 15% off (and nurses, emts, and police too). Plus they always have tons of sale racks with clothes that are 50-80% off. I have often gotten multiple outfits with accessories for $50. Ann Taylor Loft also gives 15% off for teachers.

Michaels has "dollar days" which I love because you can stock up on stuff (like paint brushes for $.07 each) plus they give teachers a 15% discount every day! Hobby Lobby does too (but I hate them and their noncomputerized system). Oh and Big Lots gives discounts too but I've discovered it depends on who you ask because some people are pretty stingy over at the ol' Big Lots.

If you like to read (I'm over it 'cause I'm still recovering from being an English major) Barnes & Noble gives 20% off to teachers. Half price books gives 10% off to educators.

Pizza hut gives 10% off (apparently it varies by store and can be up to 20%) to teachers.

Schlotzkys-10% off (who cares but I know this because they put stuff in our box this year)

If you have AT&T and you aren't saving on your bill you should call, tell them you're a teacher, and get 15-20% off of your monthly bill.

A few weeks ago I discovered and it is an awesome sight that offers teacher discounts on cruises. However, it also offers discounts for everyone on last minute cruise deals. I wish I'd known about it at the beginning of the summer, because what better way is there to spend summer off than by cruising. Anyways, I plan to make up lost time in December during Christmas oh sorry "winter" break.

It also never hurts to ask if a store offers a teacher discount. It seems that people often have pity on teachers...probably because they're parents.

Let me know if I missed any that you use a bunch!

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